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08 February 2009 @ 08:08 am
[Aiji] ■ Stockholm.  
The first stop of Northern Europe has ended safely☆

It already goes without saying, but it was a lovely time.

Being able to feel something that seemed like the warmness of people of Stockholm, it was a live with an at home atmosphere, wasn't it, today.

I like raging crumpling lives, but I also like lives like today's.

The fact that in this northern land, this many fans were waiting for us, it's seriously moves me to tears.

Thank you everyone in Sweeden!!

I'm really glad we came to Stockholm☆

Tomorrow, is a live in Finland's Helsinki.

It looks like the tickets for Helsinki were sold out the second day after they went on sale.

It's the premonition of an explosion!

Everyone in Finland, wait!!


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