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14 February 2009 @ 11:17 am
[Aiji] ■ Taiwan 1.  
Yesterday, the first day of Taiwan, it was the best, enjoyable, lovely time☆

There was some trouble, the amp that we ordered had arrived, but it was broken, and we weren't able to make the environment we usually do...

Well, the same as ever, with many drastic events in the course of events, but on the world tour we forged through it, and thanks to that now, we won't become agitated by that kind of thing, and were able to enjoy it fully☆ (laugh)

As for the one weakness was that at any rate it's winter, but the air conditioning was too effective, and the assembly hall was cold, wasn't it.

Moreover, the air conditioning is controlled en bloc, so we couldn't stop it. Woah!

By no means, by no means are we going to lose to that cold, today too we'll make the hottest, hot live with everyone!!

Well then, we'll blow up our second night in Taiwan, too☆


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