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LM☆C's blog translations

LM.C ☆Blog Translations☆
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Translations of LM.C's blog, starting from Aug, 2008
LM.C blog translations

This is a community for the translations of LM.C's blog entries. You can visit their official site here.
All entries are translated by chandeliersky, and are translated to share the entries with other fans. My Japanese is far from perfect, and I'm sure there will be mistakes in the translations sometimes, so feel free to suggest corrections if I've got something wrong.

This comm was started in August of 2008, and that's where the entries also start. I've translated a handful of entries from July of '08, but I won't be posting them here. I probably won't be going back to translate past entries. I actually started translating LM.C's entries after highside told me that there wasn't any place that was up to date with translated entries. this community is now on hiatus, as of February 14th, 2009

Feel free to watch the community for updates! I really appreciate it!

I read all the entries from the official site, and the link to the original entry is included in each post. I'm not an official person.

if you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to either message me on LJ (chandeliersky) or e-mail me at wasurenaideyo[@]hotmail.com